domenica 26 febbraio 2012

slic3r support tests

the print is good

seen from the bottom

the support perimeters are a bit too much: 3 perimeters of the configuration +1

the hole in this case have double perimeters, so 8 perimeters!

however they come off

but not without some damage :(

for this time i'll use some superglue to repair it, not a big deal..

Here i tried to print the ball bearing (which i could never properly configure with skeinforge).

Sadly, by configuring 1 perimeter, the support generated is just a single 2 mm long line under each ball, and so after a few layers some of the balls are detached from the bed. Maybe a super slow print could do the trick, i'll try that.  If i try to configure with 2 perimeters or more i get no support generated at all under the balls..

So, the feature seems promising but in my opinion is still not ready to be used blindly. Too bad i cannot write a single line of perl, and all i can do is test and wait..

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